Grow A Food Forest

“Lets embark on a captivating journey through the intricate world beneath our feet.”

As humanity navigates the complexities of modern life, few pause to consider the intricate dance between the microcosm beneath our feet and the microcosm within our bodies. The soil, often perceived as mere dirt, hides a universe of microorganisms that silently shape the very foundation of our existence. Ever since humans have existed on earth, we have always had the instinct to look out into the night sky for answers. But it wasn’t until more recent history that we decided to look down, into a different, rather close but also far microscopic world. 

The cosmos beneath is an exploration into the world beneath our feet, uncovering this young science through all the latest  research, and in hope to close the gap in understanding the connection between our gut and the soil.

The status of human health is 100% a result of the health of the ecosystem that houses us. The health benefits that humans get from nature are far and wide known by science, the correlations are endless, and we evolved this way for the same reasons that everything else did.

All of life has been catapulted by the presence of microorganisms. The food web beneath our feet, microscopic in size, has played a key role in the development of life.

It is  not by chance that the probiotic marketplace has been blown wide open, with different microbe products, every lab claiming they found the new breakthrough mix to correct human gut problems. Partially they are right, we need these organisms in balance in our living world. But the real probiotics, the ones high enough in diversity, the local organisms that can influence our health the most and help to correct our gut flora issues, they come from the soil. They are inside and around all the plants we eat, or at least they supposed to be. 

Both modern medicine and modern agriculture have accepted this “kill the pathogen” culture, which has also destroyed the beneficial organisms both inside our guts and in the soil. Billions of years of evolution perfected these living systems, which function in balance between pathogenic and non pathogenic organisms. The way that disease stays in check in nature is by mere competition, between aerobic and anaerobic organisms. 

As humans have depleted the soil through chemical agriculture, we have also depleted the capacity for a natural balance to keep pathogens in check. This is the classic pattern of big ag, the more you have to kill to grow food, the further away from balance you become. The further we strip our soils of diversity, which also effects diversity above ground, and once again inside of our own bodies and that of other living beings.

We have depended on big wasteful singular energy systems, that waste more energy in growing a crop than that which the same system can create. Foods often come from far away, importing laws and preservation also condition the living biome of what we consume, and of course it goes without say that all of the processed food that makes up most of the grocery store, is basically dead food.

You might have heard of the expression “living foods”, used for describing diets consisting of none processed food. But that term falls short of truth, real living foods are the foods that are grown in a balanced microbiome and are actually full of living organisms, and therefore can be truly defined as living foods not just because of the it being a natural food source but because of the thriving probiotics living in them.  

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