Grow A Food Forest

Different Services Offered 

For in depth educational information on all of my services, please refer to the “Food Forest” and “Beneath The Cosmos” info pages. 

Land consultation- Pay me per hour to pick my brain.  

This is a great option if you are looking to gain confidence over your project but can’t afford to spend on full cost of design. You’ll walk away with a good understanding of how to get going on your project and what to expect! 


$130.00 per hour.

Biological assessment-

Do you want to know if your soil is alive and thriving? 

As a certified lab technician in soil microbiology, I recommend a biological assessment of your soil before anything else!  
This assessment is a morphological examination of the microscopic life in your soil, it will provide you a full range of information on the condition of the soil food web beneath your feet. 
Cost includes soil collection and report with full breakdown of results and a feedback report on how to correct any possible issues.
$125.00 Per tested zone


3 in 1 package-

3 Soil assessments to monitor your biology



Full scale -permaculture design and implementation.

This is for clients looking to develop and implement a full scale design. Doesn’t matter how big or small, the cost will depend on the size of the project. 

This option includes all of my services in one flat custom rate depending on the size of your land. 

Contact me for project proposal.

Lets plant a food forest!

Full food forest design and implementation. 

Contact me to talk about your project and provide you a quote. 

Biological extract application-

Would you like to increase the diversity in your soil biology?

Tea extracts are made from biologically complete product, brewed and sprayed as a soil drench and also as a foliar spray. 


$180.00 25g spray/ includes $50.00 spray fee. 

$250.00 40g spray/includes $50.00 spray fee  

Yearly package- 

The yearly package includes three sprays and a free one time biological assessment. This is the most economical and most accurate option.

$480.00 – 3x 25g sprays and one initial soil assessment 

$600.00- 3x 40g sprays and one initial soil assessment. 

Membership options- 

Commit to three years of service under contract, includes the monitoring of your soil biology throughout the year with the necessary sprays to correct the soil biology. Full service!

Flat rate-  $1,350.00 x3 years of service ($450.00 per year) 


Custom packages available for farms and homesteads larger than 3 acres! 


I can be hired to teach workshops/ classes on any of the subjects discussed on my website. If you are looking to hire me for this type of service please contact me for details.