Grow A Food Forest

Hi,  my name is Max Segovia. I am the creator of grow a food forest. 

I am a native of the South American country of Uruguay. I immigrated to the United States when I was 9 years old, and spent all those brilliant childhood years in the arid flat ocean side where the Uruguayan coast meets the Brazilian coast. It was there that my love for nature and the ocean was born. 

I spent most of my young adult years traveling around the world, I studied Alternative Medicine long enough to realize that true health was to be found in the success of the ecosystem that houses us. In other words, if we tend to nature, it tends to us. Everything in nature works in this way, nothing exists without the other, and humans are not an exception. 

After quitting school to become a doctor, I began volunteering at farms and gardening anywhere I went. Nutritional studies had taught me enough to spark my curiosity on the importance of the human gut, which to my surprise was 100% connected to soil microbiology!

My first big jobs began in the sub tropics, and twelve years and two kids later I find myself in the beautiful mountains of Asheville, North Carolina. My journey has continued to refine itself, early on I found a nitch career market in sustainable farm development and managing. Since my son was born in 2012, our family has lived on 3 different farms/estates that I have managed and developed/maintained by utilizing principles of permaculture, natural farming, with a big focus on soil microbiology.

Over the course of  the past decade, I have attended agricultural and soil science programs at NC State, in addition to getting certified as a Permaculture Designer by Geoff Lawton in 2015. Eventually I got into a few different programs for soil microbiology, first I took some certification classes at Florida University, and more recently I have completed the certified lab tech program at the Soil Food Web school where I am on the way to acquiring their Soil Consultant degree. 

To date I hold a long term managing position in a beautiful historical estate here in Asheville NC. This retired farm position has put my farm work on hold, but has allowed me to focus on Soil Microbiology and my own research, while slowly building up my own business. 

Grow A Food Forest is the result of all my years in the field, my areas of study, and my life experiences thus far. My intent was to create an ethical company with an ecological purpose that can aid in empowering new growers and caretakers. 

This website is intended to be a hub of information for anyone who can find it useful, as well as a place to offer my services. 

If you are reading this, I hope we get to meet. Reach out even if just to say hello! 

Best regards,

Max Segovia